To solve gender bender, IIMA sets up centre

With gender-related issues proliferating at every level of society, be it in domestic set-up, public sector, NGOs or the corporate world, the matter is of growing concern among policy makers as much as it is among researchers. An emerging need to address the issues has The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, set up a Gender Resource Centre that aims to use its research findings and interactions to help government organisations, NGOs and corporates create a healthy, gender-sensitive work environment for all its employees.

* Sensitising the government and non-government organisations and corporates to gender issues. * Working with the government in analysis and review of existing policies and suggesting modifications, if needed, to incorporate a gender perspective.

* Advocating the relevance of gender equality and equity to the government and organisations.

* Strategising in sync with the government for implementation of a gender-based policy in governance.

* Facilitating adoption and implementation of measures, by the corporate community and government, that help in overall development across genders.

These aims and objectives will be achieved through various seminars, surveys, Management Development Programmes and workshops to be conducted across the country. ‘‘Gender has become such a key issue in today’s life, that one needs to look at it in a more holistic fashion. We’ve gathered so much experience owing to consultancy and research on gender issues, we decided to get together and form a centre that’ll help organisations find solutions for the same. The issues could range from language usage, behaviour patterns, sexual harassment or even salary structures,’’ says Kaul. The first meeting of the centre is scheduled to be held on Friday. The centre would also recommend a gender auditing in organisations so that they can check whether internal practices, work environment and related support systems for gender mainstreaming are being followed.

‘‘Each organisation has a culture specific to it. People need to be introduced to it. And then programmes can be devised to break existing barriers so that the employees become organisationally fit. When one talks of gender, one only talks about empowering women. It should be in favour of both genders,’’ she says.

Talking about the existing gender policies, she says, ‘‘These were constituted at a time when women were moving from houses to workplaces. The policies have definitely favoured them, which is the reason they have grown. But there is so much of influx in every sector, that one needs to look at these policies and bring about amends if needed.’’

‘‘Our plan of action includes facilitating gender sensitisation, organising capacity building programmes, enhancing learning through research, consultancy and interventions, dissemination of knowledge and information, participating in review and documentation of government policies and working in close quarters with key decision makers for gender neutral governance in key result areas. We are in the process of sending mails to Department of Women and Child Welfare, the State, the Centre and various organisations across the country. Corporates with good women ratio will be of great interest to us,’’ she says.

The faculty members who are also members of the centre, have been actively involved in conducting gender related workshops and contributing for research journals focussing on gender-related issues. Says Prof. Anil Gupta, member of the centre, ‘‘I will be focussing on women as knowledge providers rather than victims of injustice. It is the informal sector that is of interest to me.’’

‘‘Gender discrimination is rampant in all social spheres. My area of interest is health, particularly maternal and child health. I shall contribute towards issues pertaining to gender and health,’’ he says.



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